Saturday, May 12, 2012

First 11 Days

Here are the journal entries from the first 11 days on the road...there may be some spelling errors! Enjoy!

Day 1- Duluth to Silver Bay ~55miles

Wow…what a roller coaster of a day. In a good way for sure. We woke up this morning in our awesome hotel room in the Historic Fitgers Hotel(big thanks to them for that) and went and had a lite complimentary breakfast. Kris and I found it hard to eat because our nerves were really taking their toll on our stomachs. Last night we spent the night in the room trying to get our trailers packed just right in order to avoid stability problems that we had been concerned about. It was really just a matter of cutting out all unnecessary gear and packing the trailers correctly. After that we headed to bed after watching a bit of TV. It was Kris and Mona, Bre and I, and Jay and Paris in the room. A good way to spend the last night.

After breakfast we packed our trailers for the final time before departure and headed to the lobby with our gear. We sat around the round table and greeted friends as they came to wish us goodbye. All while camera crews from a few different stations were setting up their gear. It was pouring outside as expected, but we really hoped it would at least slow down. Right around 9 they interviewed us for a few minutes and then we headed outside to depart. It was a seriously emotional time.

We headed outside with our gear and were pleasantly surprised by the massive group of people standing out there waiting for us to come out, and that it had stopped raining for the time being. It was overwhelming. We went around and thanked our friends, family, and press for coming. Saying our goodbyes was really tough. Leaving loved ones isn't something that comes easy.

Then we helped each other secure the trailers and headed out. Emotions were really heavy. Luckily a few friends decided to follow us out of town on their bikes, including Mona. As we headed down Superior St. we played leap frog with the news vehicles trying to get some good footage. It was awesome.
Pat was the first to turn back with Mona following suit shortly after and Kris and her and a few private moments before he reluctantly turned and pedaled away. Next was Craig who turned back a few more miles down the road. Jimmy and Bill came all the way to Knife River which was a great way to catch up with them and keep company. After that we headed up to Two harbors in the pouring rain. Jay and Paris kept us company by driving slowly next to us and filming our every move. We stopped in Two Harbors at Subway a little dizzy and very hungry, of course it stopped raining as soon as we went inside. After we ate we headed up the shore into a very strong headwind. We passed through two tunnels and checked out Gooseberry falls. We hopped onto the Gitchee Gammi bike path and thats where we hit a wall. The combination of wet, cold, and the headwind eventually had gotten to us. but we pulled through and made it very slowly to Beaver Bay. A couple painful miles down the road passing by the North Shore mine, we made it to Silver Bay and met Jay's mom, and sister at the gas station. We slowly made it up the final hill to their house.

We spent the night getting hot showers, drying our clothes, and setting up camp. We had a hot meal of taco salad and drank some beers. We lit a fire around nine and hung out while working on uploading our film and watching the news, which we were on multiple times. We cant thank Jay's mom Annette enough for her kindness and hospitality. We went to bed happy and warm in the pouring rain.

We just really want to thank all of our friends and family for being there for us and we just want them to know how much we love them all. We wouldn't be where we are without them.

Day 2 -

We woke up this morning to the sound of rain on our tent and dreading the thought of braving it for another day we fell back asleep for a while. When we woke up for the second time the rain had stopped and we started our day. We went inside and had some egg bake that Annette had made for us and then we slowly packed our things. Before we left we all got together for a picture of the group, Paris, Jay, Sam, Annette, Kris and I. Sam made Kris and I bracelets and she gave them to us right before we left. They are awesome! We didn't get more than 100 yards down the road before we stopped again. Somehow Kris and I put on each others shoes unknowingly and when I went to clip in to my pedals I couldn't do it. So I pulled over at the end of the block and we figured out the problem and put our own shoes back on.

Finally heading down the road the sun was breaking through the clouds and shinning its beautiful light down on us. It is amazing how much a bit of sun can lift the spirits. Right away on Hwy 61 we passed a couple walking that said they had read about un in the paper that morning and several people honked and waved in support as we went. We passed Tettegouche State park playing leap frog with Jay and Paris. We waited too long to each lunch and got a bit cranky so we stopped as soon as possible once we reached Lutsen and we had amazing sandwiches at the Moondance Cafe. It is locally owned and the sandwiches we huge and delicious for a decent price.

After lunch we continued on refreshed. We made our way toward Grand Marais and the weather was still treating us right. Once we reached GM we stopped for a slice of nostalgia at Sven and Ole's right down by the water. It was a great idea and gave us the energy needed to reach Judge CR Magney SP, our destination for the night.

We hit a physical and mental wall before we reached the park but we rode together and helped each other and eventually made it. Jay and Paris had picked up a 12 pack of PBR and they were waiting for us when we arrived. We set up camp and made some CHILI MAC to relive the West Coast experience. Around 830 Lucas Will and his pup Tishcher came to visit us and hang out for a bit around the fire. It was great to see him and catch up and talk about the trip. It really boosted our morale. He left and we went to bed just as it started to sprinkle. Long day but a good day. We went from 114.5 miles to 186.9 miles= 72.4miles

Day 3 -

Well here we are sitting in a Comfort Suites hotel room in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Its 11:30pm. Lets recap…

Apparently we were pretty exhausted from yesterday because we woke up at 10. That was our first mistake and it ended up throwing off our whole day. We got up and made some Huevos Rancheros for breakfast, the freeze dried kind, but it was still good. We headed out of camp around 11 and said a filmed a short clip about the Devils Kettle in JCRM SP. We headed off toward Grand Portage and the Canadian Border about 27 miles away.

We started off ok but could tell that we were really sore from the day before. The wind was pretty relentless and we rolled into Grand Portage around 2pm. We were going to stop at the Casino and check WI-FI but we determined it wasn't worth pulling out the laptop. So we grabbed some much needed lunch at the gas station and headed North.

Right after we left GP we encountered Mt. Josephine. She was our biggest challenge yet and the gradual climb seemed to go on forever. We forged on and stopped at the scenic overlook on the coasting side of the mountain. We realized our second mistake of the day which was not remembering that the time zone switches to Eastern at the border. So we didn't end up reaching the border until 4 pm, with 30 plus miles to go. After a quick stop we coasted down to the Border.

We rolled up to the border and talked to the Guard. They had us come inside because of our pepper spray which is apparently illegal in Canada. So they asked us a bunch of questions and confiscated our spray and we continued on our way happy to finally be in Canada.

By the time we reached Thunder Bay it was getting dark and realizing we weren't going to make it to our projected destination on the North side of town we struggled with what to do next. We stopped at a coffee shop for donuts and coifed and to try to get some Wi-Fi and come up with a plan…they didn't have Wi-Fi so we were clueless and decided that even though we didn't want to we were going to have to get a room. Some locals pointed us in the direction of the hotels and we ended up overpaying for a night indoors. Not much else we could do since we weren't going to bike any further and it was 9:30.

So here we are sitting in the room after eating some Little Caesars and taking a hot shower. We are refreshed and have made a plan for the next few days. Lets just hope we can stick to it.

Live and Learn.

We stared at 186.9miles and ended at 252.1 miles= 65.2miles

Day 4 – Thunder Bay to Wolf River Campground ~52 miles

We woke up in the hotel room comfortable but still feeling very tired. Got out of bed and slowly made our way to the continental breakfast...mildly appetizing at best. We brought it back to the room and tried to eat as we packed.
We were supposed to be heading out to Sleeping Giant Provincial Park today, but because we were so sore and tired we made the executive decision to put our energy into moving closer to Nipigon so we can have a really short and relaxing day tomorrow and still be on pace with our schedule. We decided our destination would be Wolf River Campground, which will give us a 20 mile day tomorrow. It is unfortunate that we are missing Sleeping Giant but we have to do the best we can with the circumstances.

After packing we checked out and headed outside. It was windy, cold, and drizzling. The triple threat. We headed out on the expressway with all of the other traffic. Bikes were not supposed to be on that route but we took it and luckily didnt get stopped by the Mounties.

As we made our way through the outskirts of town we got our first look at Sleeping Giant. Pretty amazing to see that there is amazingly dramatic terrain so close to home. They are improving the roads to Nipigon from TB so we had to negotiate a lot of construction which was very frustrating at times.

We slowly made our way north east on the Terry Fox Memorial Highway, stopping for lunch at a roadside gas station. We chatted with the attendant who was a cancer survivor and had 30 percent of his tongue removed.

We arrived at the Wolf River Campground around 5pm and got our site right next to the Wolf River. The grounds were supposed to still be closed but the operator let us stay for a reduced fee because the water and electric were still turned off.

It is a beautiful site right on the river. It is really quiet here though and we had a hard time with that at first...really becoming homesick. But it the bad feelings passed. We set up our tent and collected firewood. As we made dinner a RV pulled up to the site a few down from us. We would later find out it is an older couple from Germany just visiting and traveling around Canada. After eating by the river we played a game of cribbage with a wager of the loser buys a shot when we go the the bar next. Close game but Zach drinks the first one on Kris.

We started the fire and the Germans made their way over to join us. Being the good Germans that they are they brought over beer to share with us. We sat by the fire and talked about politics and our different cultures. It was great. After three beers each their fride had been wiped they broke out the Jagermeister! We had a couple shots each and decided it was time to turn in.

Short day to Nipigon tomorrow!

Day 5 – Wolf River Campground to Nipigon ~ 20 miles

It was a cold night last night and bot of us reluctantly got up to relieve ourselves in the night. We woke up sore and a bit tired from a late night with the Germans. Packed up and decided not to have breakfast and just eat a few granola bars since we were so close to Nipigon. The campground host gave us the information to Mike with Epic Adventures – an outfitter in Nipigon, because we were planning on staying with him. We headed out onto the crazy semi filled highway and soon regretted not eating a better breakfast.

As soon as we pulled into Nipigon we stopped at the Husky House Diner and truck stop. We had lunch and tried out the Canadian staple food of French fries covered in cheese and gravy...poutine.

We payed our bill and head to EA but Mike wasnt home so we went down to the library and used the Wi-Fi to catch up on a few things and check out our route for the next few days.

We headed back up to EA after a bit and met Mike and he looked at our route with us and gave us advice. He is a good guy and we hope his business continues. We signed his garage door of fame and headed down to pick up some groceries for lunch tomorrow.

After stocking up we headed back up the hill to the highway and made our way to the truck stop and each took a $5.64 shower and made a few phone calls from the payphone. Much needed and necessary because we may not get another one for a few days.

After we cleaned up we headed down to the Marina to find a campsite for the night base on the advice from Mike. Made dinner and looked at the route once more. Kris made a fire. We are both feeling pretty down today and are looking forward to a more populated area and warmer temps. But we have 6 days of pretty remote living coming up with hilly terrain to top it off. It is going to be a test.

Sorry we didnt make the Shag.

Day 6 – Nipigon Marina to Schreiber Campground

Woke up this morning frozen to the bone. Zach was ok but I shivered most of the night. I realized in the morning that I had not even slept on my sleeping pad so that was probably a big reason why I was so cold. The other reason was that it dropped below freezing that night, probably around 28 degrees F. We packed up all of our stuff, being late again, and headed up towards the highway, where we stopped at Tim Hortons and had donuts and coffee before our big hills day. Zach ordered a medium coffee, which ended up being gigantic. Never oder a medium there, shit coffee. Zach talked to some truckers from Quebec and then we filled up our water bottles, me from the bathroom and Zach from the counter. After that we headed on our way towards Schrieber, while the truckers from Quebec honked us on our way. Zach had also talked to someone who had mentioned the Velorutian.

We had been warned about all the hills but we had no idea. There was a hill that took us around 30 minutes to climb. The biggest we have climbed so far. They reminded us of rocky mountain climbs. Right before that we had stopped at an abandoned gas station where we had lunch consisting of turkey and cheese sandwiches, Triscut crackers, friut snakcs, and of course Skittles. By the time we had reached the top of the climb our stomachs were not feeling to well. Some guy stopped and asked us for directions to New Brunswick having traveled all the way from BC. He didn't know where he was going having traveled half way across Canada. At the top of the huge climb, off in the distance we could see the road climbing another big mountain, so we knew we were in for more. That seemed to happen to us often today. The downhills were a lot of fun, you had to break hard in order to not get out of control with your speed.

Next we stopped in Peyes Platte reservation to ask advice and directions. The native inside was very stoned and was listening to Smoke on the Water and talked to me about life. We climbed another huge hill and enetered the small but beautiful town of Rossport. There was a great beach there but Kris ended blowing by it trying to catch a biker he saw off in the distance. After a few miles he caught him and talked to him for a while on places to stay and the area. His name was Peter, and was very helpful. We followed him up another large hill before we parted ways.

We hit a bunch of gradual hills where we just kept climbing and climbing. There were lots of signs for Schreiber on the side of the road but the distances were all different and that was irritating. We finally made it into the town where we saw the campground on the left right away. We puled in and the owner said they were closed but we were welcome to pitch a tent. We then biked around the town to see what it looked like. Of course the Beer store and LCBO were both closed and everything was closed or for sale, much like we had seen over the past few days. We finally went to the gas station where there was a italian restruant. We ate there and it was mediocre but expensive. This lady kepy talking to us and wouldnt stop. She took Kris out in the hallway to see that wall of fame of travelers who have stopped at the place. Turns out the mayor of the town owned and operated the place as well. After dinner, a few beers, and hockey watching we headed outside where we interviewed the mayor and he took our photo for the wall of fame.

We headed back to the campground, set up shop and got ready for bed. Zach tried to work on his bike a little but to no avail. The mosquitos were gigantic, bigger than we have ever seen. We went to bed just before it started raining outside. We ended the day having traveled approximately 60 miles.

Day 7 – Schreiber to Marathon ~ 60 miles

Last night was a bit warmer than the previous and I think we both slept a bit better. Zach woke up, sometime in the morning when the sun had started to peak out, to the sound of rain hitting the tent. We both verbally acknowledged our disappointment. We both fell back to sleep and again woke up later than we would have liked. Unfortunately that seems to be one of the running themes on the trip thus far. Hopefully that will change.

We quickly packed our things while it continued to sprinkle and we headed a couple blocks down to the local Robins and got a couple donuts and coffee and Kris filled up his water. We really dreaded going back out into the cold and rain, but we knew we had to.

We started in on the hills right off the bat. We had been warned that the road to Marathon was like a roller coaster and we would learn that they weren't kidding. It was relentless all day long...non stop climbing. Not to mention the wind and rain did not stop. We were soaked through within an hour of riding.

Even though the weather was brutal the scenery was incredible the whole way. After about 10 miles of riding we came to the town of Terrace Bay and stopped at the local grocery store to pick up lunch because it would be the only town we would pass through before lunch. We rode until about 2 or so looking for a place to get out of the rain and take lunch, so when nothing like that came along and the rain had stopped for a bit we just ate our lunch on the side of the highway.

We were freezing at that point and determined it was more comfortable to climb the hills than to coast down them because the cold was unbearable going down them. Kris was really struggling to keep warm, especially his feet. We just had to keep moving. We agreed that the terrain reminded us of the Boundary Waters but with a road. We also kept our eyes peeled for a moose but no luck today.

Toward the end of the day Kris pulled ahead and Zachs knee really started to bother him. It seemed like we just kept climbing the hills at that point and didnt ever seem to go back down. Every hill seemed to continue after turning every corner...up and up no relief.

We finally got to Marathon around 6 and coasted down the hill to the city center which is a couple miles off the highway. We decided that we needed a hotel room. Not to would have been to dangerous and miserable for us being so wet and all of our things soaked. Hotels are ridiculously expensive up here but we had no choice.

After checking in we hung most of our things to dry, showered, and headed to the restaurant that is connected to the hotel. We sat in the bar and watched hockey and chatted with Marc the owner. He was very nice and gave us a beer on the house after we told him what we were up to.

After dinner we went back to the room and watched some more tv and got caught up with all of our chores before heading to bed happy to be warm and in comfortable beds.

Hopefully the next few days will be a bit easier on us. 3 more nights to Sault Ste Marie!

Day 8 – Marathon to White River

First Day of week two. Marathon has been the biggest town we have been through since Thunder Bay, almost 4000 people. Seems to be that a lot of the towns are struggling pretty bad but the people are so friendly and nice.

Marathon is about 2 miles off the highway and we had to head back up a huge hill but before that we had breakfast at Robbins and then Zach bought some groceries for the next day at the local at extra foods while Kris made some calls out front and watched the bikes. That hill was huge, but we made it up to the highway and headed towards White River. The weather wasn't looking good, windy and possibly rainy and we didn't know where we were going to stay. But we headed towards the next town with the wind in our faces but in the best spirits possible considering the day before. Kris got some frostbite on his toe and Zach's knees were hurting pretty bad but we marched on through the day.

Marathon was the last time we were going to see the lake for a few days. We are headed around Pukasaw Provincial Park which is very large. The wind was terrible all day long. We did the first 20 miles by noon and did the last 35 miles by 6pm, it was a slow going day. We stopped at the overlook for one last look at the lake and thats when Zach found out that his camera was broken and he couldn't fix it.
We just climbed all day long. We didn't see anything all day long except for a Diner named Gloria's where we used the bathrooms. We searched for moose all day long but didn't see any. At around 2:30pm a cop stopped by Kris and told him that there was a moose ahead on the side of the road and to use cation. The cop was taken aback by Kris' “ Oh sweet”. He saw a moose on the side of the road but couldn't get his camera ready in time and didn't get footage of it. The moose was very white in color with a tint of green, never seen anything like it before, like a ghost moose. Probably hungry coming out of winter.

We stopped for lunch at a huge gold mine, with huge tilling piles/mountains. Right after lunch we saw our first bear but it was dead on the side of the road. Maybe hit by a car but pretty fresh. We plowed through the wilderness along a corridor but through the boreal forest. We passed a huge burn area that happened in the last ten years. As far as we could see was the burn area. It gave us a very lonely feeling. The las ten niles were so long with so many hills but we finally made it to White River. It seems that right before we hit a town we have to face one more huge hill every time.

We stopped at the A&W for dinner and got some advice where they told us we could camp for free in the visitors center grass. Zach went to Robbins for coffee while I showered at the Husky truck stop. It felt great. We set up camp next to Winnie the Poo park. White river is the home of Winnie the Poo so we had some interesting things to look at. Zach lost his wallet and eventually found it back at the counter of the gas station. It was nice getting situated somewhat earlier to relax and get some filming done. We had cigars and watched Paddle to Seattle for new filming ideas before drifting off to sleep. It was incredibly cold that night. We feel like we are finally getting into the groove bu we need luck to be on our side with the weather. Its off to Wawa tomorrow and then towards the Soo.

Day 9 – White River to Rabbit Blanket Campground

Starting to loose track of the days, getting into the mode and forgetting them entirely. What a triumphant day though, we passed the 500 mile mark today and had our first 80 plus mile day. The sun was on our faces and the wind was finally at our backs, we crushed the miles today. It took us 4 hours to go 55 miles, which normally would have taken us 6-8 hours, what a great feeing.

We woke up this morning to the sun shining and went to Robbins for the usual routine. We also got a bunch of downhills today or at least got to go back down the ones we climbed. Kris saw his second moose toady and this time got it on camera. Hopefully Zach will get to see one before we leave Canada, Kris 2 Zach zero. We had lunch on the side of the road, and were hoping to see the big bike group that people had been telling us about.

We climbed a huge hill into Wawa and then had to head around and back for 2 miles into town. We went to the Value Mart and purchased groceries for the next few days because there is nothing to help us resupply for at least that long. Kris purchased a small bottle of Crown Royal whiskey for the evening to celebrate a great day and some big milestones for us. $15 for a .375, pretty crazy prices.

We headed back our of town and watched a fighter jet take off from the airport with many other spectators. People were saying that its not very often that you see a jet in Wawa. We headed down the road towards Lake Superior Provincial park. There were many hills and we could feel the weight of everything we had bought which slowed us down, along with the wind and hills. The park was incredible, we biked on top of lots of mountains which reminded us of the Rocky Mountains, looking out for miles in every direction. We dropped down about 1000 feet and all of a sudden came out right next to Lake Superior. It was so cold compared to the mountains area but thinking back on it, it was the closest we had been to the lake since we left Grand Portage, MN on day 3.

We were in old Woman bay, a bay with a creek splitting it right down the middle but sand beaches as far as we could see. Apparently there is an old woman face in the side of one of the cliffs but we didn't see it. We met a guy who told us to watch out for the big wolves. W climbed another huge hills and encountered a bear on the side of the road. We were careful because it looked to be a cub. We got it on film and then started yelling at it but it payed no attention to us then all of a sudden ran off into the woods.

Right when we were nearing out exhaustion point we came to the campground, which was our goal. Rabbit Blanket campground was a great place, hot showers, running water, and a campsite right on the lake, about 20 feet away. Trout flipping up in the water, and loons swimming passed constantly. The terrain of the last few days has reminded us of a cross between the Boundary Waters Canoe Area and the Rocky Mountain foothills. The only bad thing about the campsite is that is was $37.50 a night!

In camp we met Chet (Cheddar) and he told us his life story and showed us all of his bird calls that were amazing. He had the best loon call we have ever heard. We had a nice fire with him, dinner, and some well deserved whiskey. 200 Km or Klicks until the Soo. Velorution here we come.

Day 10 – RBC to Pancake Bay Provincial Park

Woke up a little late, very cold around 9am. Threw everything together and had donut hole for breakfast. Chet stopped by one more time to wish us off with his remote control helicopter that he was flying around. The park ranger stopped by and made us pay but gave us a reduced rate at $20, which was great.

As soon as we headed out of the campground we had a huge hill but then got to the ranger station where we filled up our waters because the water at the campground was not safe to drink. Then we headed on our way through the whole park and it was very hilly but spectacular. We passed the group of 4 bikers from Clear West, the ones we wanted to see the other day. We wanted to film them but they were climbing a hill and had no intent of stopping but we exchanged praises and good lucks and went on our way. They were riding two by two with a follow car that blocked traffic and made people go around them. They were impressed with all of our weight were were pulling since they were not pulling anything, and the last guy said that they had heard about us and our trip, and that was the whole conversation in passing.

Today was a day of suffering against the wind and huge hills. We dropped down to Katherine Beach and shot some film. We met a guy who quizzed us on our french, which isn't that good. When we reached Agawa Bay we had lunch on the beach. The bay was massive with sand beaches along the whole route. After lunch we biked for around 10 miles before reaching the other side where we could see the road we had come down clear across the bay. We went over a few huge hills into Montreal river that we had been warned about. After that we had a scary 2 mile downhill back to the water.

We made really good time after that, having the wind at our backs and flat terrain. We were very tired but finally made it to Pancake Bay Provincial park. $37.25/night but beautiful beaches. It is called Pancake Bay because the Voyageurs used to stop there on their way to Montreal from Fort William. They would have pancake dinners on the beach for their meals. There have also been many shipwrecks off the coast of the bay including the famous Edmund Fitzgerald.

We got into camp and made pasta dinner and apple cobbler, took showers, made some phone calls, and set up a fire. We went and filmed down at the beach and got some great footage of the water and sunset. Soon after Mona arrived to visit us all the way from Duluth, MN. She came with our new jerseys, which looked great and some more Granola bars. As we are typing this we can hear some wolves howling very near by us. We enjoyed some American beers and a fire before we went to bed. We have a 40 mile, hilly day to the Velorution bike shop in Sault Ste. Marie, which we have been looking forward to the entire trip. It will be a good time to refresh and start again.

Day 11- PCBPP to Velorution Bike Shop (Sault Ste. Marie)

We woke up around 9 am and quickly broke down camp and had a quick breakfast of peanut butter english muffins and headed off toward Sault Ste. Marie donning our new jerseys. We passed a bunch of amazing beaches and tried filming with some new camera angles. We knew we only had a short distance, but again the wind was in our faces and we were just exhausted from the two previous days. We were heading into a more populated region and with that came a few close calls with motorists driving in the shoulder.

We ended up skipping lunch and just ate a few Olympia bars because we werent to far from the Soo, but that ended up being a mistake because a few miles outside of town we encountered probably the steepest and one of the longest hills we have seen on the trip thus far. A few motorists gave us a honk of encouragement as we climbed. Our anticipation of reaching the city just made the ride seem to take forever. Once we reached the top the terrain mellowed and we slowly crept toward town.

Once we arrived in town we stopped to ask directions to the Velorution and we are glad we did because we were literally only a few blocks from it and would have bike long past it had we not asked. Once we knew we were there we immediately went to Wendy's and had a fantastically satisfying meal of fast food burgers. Oh Wendyland!

After eating we went the Velorution and passed by the city water tower being cleaned. The Velorution was amazing and far exceeded our expectations. Every wall is airbrushed with detailed bike related art and the whole shop is really well thought out down to every small detail. We could talk about it all day but to get the real experience you need to stop here! Www. Velorution = bike revolution. The campsite is in the rear of the shop and we got our tents set up and got situated. Mona and Kris went to do laundry and Zach did computer updates and did some filming around the shop.

After laundry we got some advice from the guys from the shop about our route and they suggested avoiding the big highways and Sudbury and instead taking the route out to the Manatoulin Island and across to Bruce Peninsula on the ferry. Rob the mechanic let Mona borrow a bike and the four of us biked to Bossy's Pub and Grub where we had great food, beer, and conversation. He had his own bike lock at the restaurant because it is the local hangout for the crew at the shop.

After dinner we biked back to camp and discovered two hitchhikers that had found their way into the campsite. They were obnoxious and crazy and it was a weird way to end the night and pretty much forced up to go to bed to avoid them. We decided that the proposed route would be the best for the purpose of the trip and went to bed with the decision that tomorrow is going to be a rest day. Great to finally be here at the Velorution.

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